Centurion Hybrid

Centurion Hybrid

Centurion Hybrid

Centurion Hybrid

Product Features:

Sorghum Silage

  • Leaves are wide with average 12 cm width and brown mid rib (BMR), and the stem is thick

  • Plant has excellent vegetative growth with average 16 to 18 leaves per plant

  • High sugar contain

  • High protein and energy level

  • High tellers plant

  • Hybrid is harvested for silage twice per season

  • Grows under severe conditions, such as drought and salinity

  • Low water requirement, Low fertilizer needs

  • White grains

  • One KG of hybrid seeds contains 35,000 seeds

  • Plant recommendation is 1.5 to 2 KG per acre, with a maximum population of 60,000

  • Average yield per Fadden 40 to 50 ton per cut (Potential Yield )

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