Korduna Hybrid

Korduna Hybrid

Korduna Hybrid

Korduna Hybrid

Product Features:

Yellow Single Cross

  • Medium Maturity, 105-110 Days

  • GDU 1550 Celsius

  • Average Plant height is 3 meters

  • Hybrid is resistant to heat stress

  • Plants have good root system and resistance to lodging

  • Plants can be harvested easily using full mechanization

  • Hybrid is stable and grows well under different soil structure

  • Ear position on the stem is 110cm from soil level

  • Ears are long and have an average length of 25 cm

  • Ears have 14-16 rows

  • Grains are orange in color and have dent texture

  • Recommended population for grain production is 30,000 plant per Acre under irrigation

  • One kg of seeds has approximately 4,500 Kernels

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