Kahraman Hybrid

Kahraman Hybrid

Kahraman Hybrid

Kahraman Hybrid

Product Features:

Yellow Single Cross

  • Medium Maturity 130-135 days

  • GDU:1530-1540 Celsius

  • Average plants height: 3.50 meter

  • Average ear height is 180 cm

  • Plants have excellent strong root system and resistance to lodging

  • Hybrid resistant to late wilt disease

  • Hybrid resistant to heat stress

  • Hybrid is well grown under different soil textures from heavy clay to sandy soils

  • Hybrid performs very well in main & late season

  • Hybrid has excellent vegetative growth with wide leaves up to 12 cm width

  • Plants stay green until harvest time making it excellent for silage production

  • Grains are Yellow in color and have dent endosperm texture

  • Ears have excellent grain quality

  • Recommended population for grain production is 28,000 plants per acre

  • Hybrid has good yield potentiality with average of 4.7 metric tons per acre

  • Recommended population for silage production is 30,000 plants per acre

  • Average silage yield is 25 ton per acre

  • One kg of seeds has approximately 4,000 Kernels

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